In 2010, following the loss of his job, self-taught cook Bill Disselhorst, along with his wife Anne, opened Fiore Market Cafe in South Pasadena, California. 
Drawing inspiration from a small medieval village in Italy that they frequented, the cafe quickly gained fame for its fresh food, handmade artisanal bread, and welcoming vibe. Despite a bumpy start, Bill's dedication to quality and community paid off, resulting in a line out the door and consistently selling out of his famous bread and their fresh sandwiches.
In 2017, tragedy struck when Anne suddenly passed away, and in 2020, the challenges continued with the onset of COVID-19. After 12 years, Bill sold Fiore Market Cafe on his own terms to local restaurateur Linda Grace. While it remains a place for fresh food, it also serves as a living tribute to Bill and Anne's resilience, commitment, and enduring spirit. The cafe was placed on Yelp’s 2023 list of the Top 100 Restaurants in America.
Currently, Bill spends his time in the small village of Casperia, Italy- the very place where his early inspiration first began. With locals by his side, he now owns multiple properties, including an olive farm and a horse. He hosts numerous pizza parties and manages to find his way into every kitchen that he can squeeze into.
At its core, this documentary tells a story about turning passion into something special, overcoming challenges, and creating a community hub that stands the test of time.
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